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BURGHLEY: Box Office Open On Thursday 25th April From 9am For Members’ Day

Members’ Day opens next week at 9am on Thursday 25th April this year and will once again offer first choice booking to existing and new visitors wishing to purchase a Membership to the Event or Caravan Membership. Once these items have been selected you will then be able to purchase all other requirements. This is especially useful for those items which always sell out quickly such as grandstand tickets and Saturday Picnic Parking.

The link to the Box Office will be visible on the home page of from 9am on Thursday 25th April and the ticket selection time has been increased to 1 hour this year to ensure that everyone has plenty of time to complete their purchase.

We do strongly recommend online ordering due to the high volume of orders being processed however there is also a dedicated telephone line; 0121 796 6079 (telephone lines open between 9am -7pm).

For visitors not wishing to purchase a Membership, the Box Office will be open at 9am on Friday 26th April for daily tickets and all other requirements. The Box Office link will be clearly visible on the home page of

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