2019 FEI Eventing rules: Clarification snaffle bits

We wish to draw your attention to the updated 2019 FEI Eventing Rules which now clarify the size of snaffles bits. These now need to be of a minimum of 14 mm for horses and 10 mm for ponies (see below).
Annex A 1.3 f)  (page 75) – The diameter of the mouthpiece must be a minimum of 14mm for Horses and 10mm for ANNEX A DRESSAGE – ANNEXES 76 Ponies at the rings or cheeks. 
The FEI Eventing Committee wishes to clarify that the Eventing Stewards will be asked to measure the diameter of the bit on the edge where it joins the outside rings only in case of doubt or on the request of the Ground Jury