Mary King cerca un nuovo groom

Un occasione unica per chi è appassionato di completo. Dopo Daniele Bizzarro, partito qualche anno fa per andare a montare da William Fox-Pitt e Pietro Grandis che ha annunciato la sua assunzione da Michael Jung, ora è Mary King a cercare un collaboratore, quindi fatevi sotto, sarebbe sicuramente un’esperienza indimenticabile!

Ecco l’annuncio su facebook:

New ‘King’ Groom required!
We are looking for a new groom to work alongside Emma for this year, starting towards the end of January until October 2015. I was hoping to find a local person, but no luck yet, so thought it was time to spread the word! We would like an energetic person who is cheerful, hard working, loves horses and the sport. They must be able to ride proficiently, be happy to travel to competitions and be part of “The King Team”. If you fit the bill and are genuinely keen to work with quality event horses, please email your CV to

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